11 Injured In Multi-Vehicle Collision Involving Tractor-Trailer

December 20, 2017

Even at a dead stop, accidents can happen. Such is the case with a recent multi-vehicle collision in Churchill on Business Route 22.

With cars lined up waiting at a red light, a tractor-trailer was unable to stop, rear-ending one vehicle into another. The domino effect extended to nine vehicles, each being hit by the vehicle behind it.

The tanker truck, which was carrying lime, was exiting the Parkway East before crashing into the several stopped vehicles. Nine people were taken to local hospitals and one of them was listed in serious condition as a result.

The multi-vehicle accident is currently under investigation and the driver of the truck is cooperative, according to police. The truck driver claims the tractor-trailer’s brakes went, making it impossible to stop.

Tractor-trailer accidents can be quite a scary experience. Tractor-trailers and/or 18-wheelers are one of the leading cause of serious injuries among motor vehicle accidents. With them being so large and heavy, collisions can lead to devastating and even fatal injuries.

While these accidents are scary, most of them can be prevented. This means there are tangible reasons for why the accident took place. As with the recent accident explained earlier, the cause very well may have been faulty brakes.

This can be a problem that can be traced back to a mechanic or even the trucking company if they do not do regular maintenance on their vehicles. Of course, there are many other reasons why tractor-trailer accidents may occur. Many of these types of accidents happen because of driver fatigue or negligence, overloaded trailer or failure to secure cargo, or driving in unsafe weather conditions.

Whether behind the wheel of a vehicle struck by a tractor-trailer or behind the wheel of the tractor-trailer itself, if you have been involved in a truck accident you should contact an experienced attorney immediately.

The attorneys at Baldwin Matzus, LLC in Philadelphia have extensive experience holding truck mechanics or drivers, trucking or loading companies, and other third parties responsible for their actions and/or negligence. Tractor-trailer accidents require extensive resources to investigate a claim and an experienced attorney has the know-how to exhaust every possible effort to analyze maintenance records, driver logs, a truck’s electronic data recorder, etc.

Do not waste another moment. Contact Baldwin Matzus, LLC today at (866) 858-2276 or via our online contact form to begin discussing your truck accident case.

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