Philadelphia Failure to Perform MRI Lawyer

Philadelphia Failure to Perform MRI Lawyer

Experienced MRI Testing Malpractice Attorney in Philadelphia, PA Fighting for Your Rights When Doctors Fail to Perform an MRI in Allegheny County, Philadelphia County, and Across Pennsylvania

The medical profession has never had as many tools of technology as it does today. Along with this wealth of resources comes responsibility. All medical professionals In today’s technology-dependent world have the responsibility to maintain an up-to-date understanding of how to correctly perform and accurately interpret a variety of complex diagnostic tests. Radiologists use remarkably advanced tests including MRIs, X-rays, mammograms, CAT scans, ultrasounds, EEGs, EKGs, and more. Where a radiologist is medically negligent by failing to correctly use and interpret these powerful tools, patients can sustain serious injuries or lose their lives. If you believe your medical condition was worsened by a doctor’s failure to perform or accurately read an MRI, you should contact a Philadelphia failure to perform MRI lawyer at Baldwin Matzus, LLC, an experienced Philadelphia, Pennsylvania medical malpractice firm.

Common Radiology Mistakes That Endanger the Lives of Patients

Radiologists and the medical professionals who work with them make a range of mistakes

Because radiology patients are suffering from brain injuries, heart conditions, strokes, and cancer, a  radiologist’s or diagnostic technician’s failure to perform or properly read a MRI can mean the difference between life and death. A skilled Philadelphia failure to perform MRI lawyer at Baldwin Matzus can help you with your radiologist error case.

It is a radiology error when a radiologist or diagnostic technician receives inadequate information from the patient’s lead case doctor or fails to:

  • Use proper imaging techniques
  • Properly interpret the test results
  • Provide appropriate recommendations for follow-up treatment
  • Check a patient’s prior radiologic results
  • Comply with appropriate departmental policies

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Establishing a Doctor’s Negligence in a Case Involving Failure to Perform a MRI

For any medical malpractice claim, including claims involving failure to perform or properly read a MRI, it is essential to establish the negligence of the doctor responsible for your care. While most medical personnel in the United States are highly qualified and competent, medical errors kill or permanently disable roughly 100,000 Americans each year.

All doctors have a responsibility to provide their patients a thorough and accurate assessment of their condition and to order all of the tests necessary to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. When a doctor should have performed a biopsy but fails to do so in your case and you suffer harm that could have been prevented, they can be held legally liable for their mistake.

Negligence is the legal basis of all medical malpractice claims, including claims for failure to read a MRI

At Baldwin Matzus, LLC, our Philadelphia failure to perform MRI lawyer counsels our clients that in order to bring any valid medical malpractice case, it is not enough to identify that the doctor did not perform or accurately interpret an MRI, and you were injured. The mishap must have been due to the medical negligence of a doctor, or another responsible medical professional.

The following legal elements must always be established to show that a medical professional was negligent:

The medical professional had a standard of care to uphold during the procedure. The standard of care is the level of care and skill that is expected of the medical professional. The law looks at what a medical professional with similar training would have done in the same or similar situation. Doctors are trained in medical school to perform MRIs in a wide range of situations where a MRI is the standard of care for that situation.

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The medical professional failed to uphold the standard. Whether by action or inaction, a doctor or other medical professional performs below the standard of care and skill expected of them. This is a crucial point. The medical professional is not only responsible when they act, but also when they fail to act but the standard of care dictates that they should have. This includes all of the steps in properly diagnosing a patient, including an obligation to take a MRI where needed, to prompt and correctly interpret the MRI, and to always adhere to the best practices of radiology, their area of medical specialization. 

The medical professional’s diagnostic error caused you harm. There has to be a demonstrable connection between the doctor’s failure to take or accurately read a MRI (failure to act according to the prescribed standard of care) and your medical condition. If there is no causal link between the two, there is no legal case. Only where your condition could have been known if the medical professional adhered to the standard of care will there be the grounds for a legal case for failure to perform a MRI.

Frequently Asked Questions About Failure to Perform an MRI in Philadelphia

Has Baldwin Matzus, LLC recovered money for clients who have suffered injuries because a doctor failed to perform or accurately read a MRI?

Yes. In any medical malpractice lawsuit, which failure to perform or accurately read a MRI is, a plaintiff can seek to recover lost wages, hospital bills, medical expenses from past and future treatment, as well as damages for pain and suffering caused by your injuries. Contact Baldwin Matzus, LLC today so we can begin a thorough review of the circumstances surrounding your potential medical malpractice claim.

In my case, the doctor took an MRI but misread it and I later became very ill. Can I recover anything from them?

Where a medical professional fails to perform a MRI or they fail to properly read the results, this can easily result in irreparable damage or death. In any medical malpractice case, the specific facts of your case should be closely examined by a law firm experienced in medical malpractice and cases involving failure to perform a MRI. Please contact Baldwin Matzus, LLC today – we are always in your corner.

My doctor told me that my MRIs were “inconclusive” then another doctor told me that he could see my injuries on the MRI. Is it possible that I might have a case?

Yes. If the first doctor misread your MRI but through their training and experience they should have correctly read your MRI, you may have a legal claim against them for your injuries.


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