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Meet the Medical Staff of Baldwin Matzus, LLC

Why Your Injury Case Could Benefit From a Member of Our Medical Staff

When you or a loved one gets hurt or becomes ill due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you face several unanticipated obstacles. Physical injuries and illness are just the beginning. A lawyer can help you recover damages, including medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, defeating doctors, hospitals, and their powerful legal teams can be challenging in a case like this. This is where a law firm’s medical staff can be of assistance.

Increase Out-of-Court Settlement Chances

A pricey legal battle is usually the last resort for many injured victims. When possible, achieving a fair settlement before court is the goal, but the other party may drag out negotiations in the hopes that the plaintiff will develop cold feet and settle for less to avoid litigation.

Having a medical specialist defend your case shows the opposing side you mean business, which might boost your chances of settling without going to court. When a plaintiff retains a law firm with a qualified medical staff, defendants, including hospitals, doctors, and their lawyers, are more inclined to offer a reasonable settlement.

Experience Matters

Medical staff and expert witnesses usually have similar case experience. It’s crucial to have someone on your legal team who can clearly communicate injury facts and medical reports to jurors. Experienced attorneys benefit from the advice of their medical staff in order to convey a picture of complex test results and medical language. If a jury can’t understand the case, you risk not being perceived favorably.

A medical staff member with your law firm that has knowledge in both their profession and experience as an expert witness can help your case significantly. They can help juries visualize what happened, increasing the likelihood of proper compensation.


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