Drunk Driving Leads to 3 Deaths

October 25, 2017

In Pennsylvania in the late months of July, a car crash in Bethel Park, the lives of three women were taken, and one woman was left injured and in critical condition.

One of the women posted a video of herself drinking a lot of alcohol, right before she left to go drive with her friends. The girls were all young, but the person drinking was 21 years of age. The other two that died were 17 and 23. The 21-year-old lived through the accident but is in the hospital in critical condition.

One of the sisters of the deceased stated that they normally were not heavy drinkers, but that night happened to get out of hand. Officials say this is one of the worst drunk driving accidents they have seen in recent times. Officials also believe that there may have been drinking in the car prior to the crash, as there was an empty bottle of alcohol in the back seat.

As of now, it does not look like there were other cars involved in the crash. It just goes to show that alcohol should never be mixed with driving, as it is not only a danger to the one driving but also to those in the passenger seat and others who may be on the road.

Drunk driving accidents can be some of the most tragic, as drunk drivers usually don’t take any safety precautions. Most often, drunk driving leads to injury or death because of other people’s selfish actions. For those who have hurt or have family members who have been killed by a drunk driver, contacting an experienced attorney is a smart decision for you to make.

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