Failure to Perform Cancer Screenings

June 26, 2018

Not much is more important than your health. Making sure your body is as healthy as your mind will only make life easier and more enjoyable. Not to mention, a healthy body will lend a hand in living a long and fulfilling life. While many people make it a point to see a dentist every six months, or a chiropractor on a routine basis, many people fail to get regular cancer screenings. A cancer screening test basically means getting your body checked for cancer before you have symptoms.

To be screened regularly means you have a solid chance of your medical professional spotting cancer early (if you have it). Usually, finding cancer early on in its infant stages means a prescribed treatment will work better. A cancer that has a lot of time to develop will always be tougher to treat. Some move so quickly that they render treatment powerless, leaving you and your loved ones with a difficult situation to cope with. Again, getting regularly screened for cancer can go a long way in keeping you safe and healthy for years to come. It is important to keep this in mind, even if your doctor or other medical professional says you do not need it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Challenge Your Doctor

It is not the easiest thing in the world to question or challenge your doctor. But the truth of the matter is that, even though they are experienced, medical professionals can still make mistakes. They might confuse your symptoms with a different medical condition, which could end up doing you further harm. Sometimes they might not even think anything is wrong with you, foregoing tests or screenings to find out and be sure.

In these situations, you should do your best to be open with your medical professional. Do not be afraid to ask questions or challenge their decision, especially if you feel your symptoms mean something more. Do not hesitate to request a cancer screening if you feel it is warranted. Remember, a cancer screening can make the difference between having cancer that is treatable and one that is not.

Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help in PA

When a medical professional fails to perform a cancer screening test on you, they have made a decision that could negatively impact your life and well-being. It may lead to a delayed diagnosis months later, and by then, whatever chance you had at beating your cancer have greatly decreased. If you feel you or a loved one have received negligent care from a medical professional, you need to contact Baldwin Matzus. The Philadelphia-based law firm handles the full gamut of medical malpractice cases from nursing home abuse to delayed or misdiagnosis cases.

They understand the burden, both emotionally and financially, that can come with negligent medical care. They will do all they can to make sure you get the compensation and justice you deserve. Call Baldwin Matzus today at (866) 858-2276 and begin discussing your legal options.

The articles on this blog are for informative purposes only and are no substitute for legal advice or an attorney-client relationship. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact our law firm directly.

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