What Is Erb’s Palsy and Is It Caused by Medical Mistakes?

May 09, 2017

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A negligent doctor that tugs on a child’s arm during birth can inflict Erb’s palsy, a permanent form of nerve damage that may cripple the arm entirely. At Baldwin Matzus, LLC LLC, we are tireless advocates for the rights of parents whose children have been diagnosed with Erb’s palsy caused by medical negligence. We are ready to fight for you and your child until every last penny you deserve is awarded.

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Complications Caused by Erb’s Palsy

It is believed that the majority of Erb’s palsy – or Erb-Duchenne palsy – cases in newborns are caused directly by some form of medical negligence. If a doctor pulls without carefulness during a birth, the nerves running through a child’s arm can be damaged. A child may also become afflicted by Erb’s palsy if it is positioned awkwardly within the womb and an obstetrician fails to recognize the problem.

No matter the cause of Erb’s palsy, the conditions it causes are usually:

  • Difficulty lifting the arm
  • No control of fingers
  • Numbness or pain in arm
  • Total arm paralysis

Compensation You May Require in Your Case

The most severe symptoms of Erb’s palsy may be treatable if the damage to the brachial plexus nerves was minimal. All complications, however, may not fully dissipate as time goes on, and your child could permanently experience weakness, stiffness, or sporadic pain in their arm. Considering the potential for permanence, it is important to look into future medical treatments when calculating the compensation you will request in your claim.

Damages in your Erb’s palsy claim may include:

  • Initial medical costs, including costs associated with birthing and delivery
  • Ongoing rehabilitation fees for your child
  • Your own and your child’s emotional suffering
  • Wages you lost from work missed to care for your child

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We know that we have an important role to play when you come to our law firm for legal help and representation. You and your child will rely on us to win you as much compensation for your child’s Erb’s palsy case as possible. While other law firms may grow anxious under the pressure, we harden and use our heightened focus to your advantage. The only solution we want is the absolute best option for your claim.

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