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Cancer can progress significantly if not diagnosed and treated quickly. In some cases, a delayed diagnosis is a death sentence. There are over 100 different types of cancer recognized today. Cancer is one word that no patient ever wants to hear. Understanding the staging of cancer, treatment regime and prognosis can be confusing and overwhelming for patients and their families. Our Philadelphia delayed cancer diagnosis lawyer can help provide answers in this confusing and difficult situation.

Cancer is so prevalent in our daily lives that almost everyone has been affected by it. Either you have gone through treatment yourself or you know someone who has. Cancer is a disease caused by the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in areas of the body. Some people discover lumps and bumps (i.e. tumors) that are labeled “benign,” meaning their growth is not harmful to the body. Other tumors, however, grow uncontrollably and are defined as “malignant” or very infectious. Untreated, these abnormal cell growths can spread into areas of the body and affect vital body organs or systems, causing excruciating pain and threatening life.

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Types of Misdiagnosis and Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer Cases We Handle

At Baldwin Matzus, LLC we handle all types of delayed cancer diagnosis cases, including but not limited to:

  • Breast Cancer Delayed Diagnosis
  • Carcinoid Tumors Delayed Diagnosis
  • Cervical Cancer Delayed Diagnosis
  • Colon Cancer Delayed Diagnosis
  • Lung Cancer Delayed Diagnosis
  • Melanoma Skin Cancer Delayed Diagnosis
  • Ovarian Cancer Delayed Diagnosis
  • Prostate Cancer Delayed Diagnosis
  • Uterine Cancer Misdiagnosis

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The Patient’s Role in Cancer Diagnosis

It is important to remember that not every delayed cancer diagnosis is the fault of a physician. As individuals, everyone has a responsibility to go in for recommended evaluations and alert physicians if symptoms arise. Requesting that your physician checks out abnormal moles, run tests on abnormal symptoms, and look at any other suspicious evidence are ways you can prevent the likelihood of suffering from a delayed diagnosis. These professionals can only help if they know what is going on in your life and what symptoms or health changes you have experienced.

Physician Negligence and Malpractice in Delayed Diagnosis Cases

Physicians, too, owe their patients a reasonable standard of care. If you present information or symptoms that could reasonably raise suspicion of cancer and your physician does not act on that information with the prescribed cancer screenings or tests, there may be an element of negligence by your physician. If, later on, you are diagnosed with cancer that would not have been as serious if your doctor had recognized it earlier, he or she is then guilty of medical malpractice. To be considered medical malpractice, a delayed diagnosis case needs to prove that:

  • The patient was under the care of the physician, meaning the physician owed the patient a reasonable standard of care.
  • The physician should have reasonably diagnosed the condition by assessing your symptoms and risk factors, asking appropriate questions and looking at the medical evidence, or conduct testing based on your symptoms and risk factors. If a doctor should have accurately read test results or passed along information that would lead to a diagnosis and did not, he or she may be legally responsible for causing a delayed diagnosis of your cancer.
  • The failure to diagnose resulted in the harmful worsening of cancer, decreasing the chance of survival or leading to more serious treatment, such as major surgery or death.

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Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Attorney, Holding Negligent Parties Accountable

Philadelphia Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Lawyer

Unlike many other illnesses, cancer is often a time-sensitive disease. Failing to recognize and treat malignant masses early on can significantly impact a patient’s life. At Baldwin Matzus, LLC, we understand that delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis of cancer cases are often complex, particularly when it comes to liability. We have the experience needed to investigate, analyze, and pursue legal action against doctors who fail their cancer patients. All of our cases are taken on a contingency basis, and we offer free consultations for those in the Philadelphia area and throughout Pennsylvania. Let us put our cancer malpractice experience to work for you. Contact a Philadelphia delayed cancer diagnosis lawyer from our team today to learn more about delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis of cancer claims.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

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